Goss Reptiles Facility


Goss Reptiles has settled into our custom facility which provides several safeguards, not only for the reptile's habitat control, but also the comfort in knowing our reptiles are under 24-hour surveillance.

One of the key features of this new location is an automatic generator located on the exterior of the structure. Should the electricity fail, a 20kW generator fires up and keeps everyone at the proper temperature. This was a crucial upgrade and critical in a climate that exceeds 100F in summer and sub-zero temperatures in the winter. Although the building is heavily insulated, power failures can last several hours or even days; the generator leaves no room for chance.

Should anyone decide to visit, with or without an invitation, the facility is under 24-hour surveillance. Multiple cameras, installed both inside and out, send wireless information via satellite to an internet database which consistently records the facility. The video database, both previously recorded and real time, can be viewed by us via computer from anywhere. So we can always monitor the interior and exterior of the facility and anyone who decides to visit. Should anything ever occur, we have a 24-hour witness of the event.

Another amenity enjoyed by our reptiles are ceiling fans, that provide constant air movement and aid in keeping the warm air near the reptiles. A dishwasher and utility sink facilitate in keeping cages, equipment, and cage furniture sanitized. Large windows provide a natural photoperiod, which support proper husbandry and breeding. Currently, all cages are located on the walls, although electrical outlets are also located at the interior of the room for future caging needs and electrical access.


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